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Data Convergence

There is so much scope for change in IT. It's quite a pure form of expression of ideas because its underlying logic gates have been virtualized and almost completely abstracted. There are no laws of physics that apply.

But Semprini, you wizened lothario of technology, why then is the pace of change at most companies ever slower?

Excellent question my intrepid reader, lets dive into this and hopefully even plausibly relate it to the topic of the blog - data convergence.

Tikanga Data

A language can say a lot about a culture. All words are made up, therefore the things and ideas that have evolved to have their own words can provide some insight to the nature of a society.

"Tikanga is an inner form of life that manifests itself in one’s conduct. Good intention is embodied in character traits so the philosophy is neither pragmatism nor materialism - it's the character of a person which is given a primary place in virtue ethics." - Piripi Whaanaga. Related to Tikanga is the concept of Manaaki - which is derived from the word ‘mana’ (prestige) and the word to encourage ‘aki.’ Thus an important component of restoring balance is encouraging or building up mana.

This seems like a good place to start for an ethics framework for data.