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Tanky Panky (2021)

Like many coders, I got bored over lock-down and made a game... It's on steam but not released Tanky Panky on Steam (

There seems to be a single chance with game releases and if marketing is not done well with a big community then the game will fail 99% of the time so I'll be waiting on the right opportunity to release to maximise the players I reach. It's especially critical for this kind of MOBA game as it's not that fun without a vibrant community of players.

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CONK (1995) - Action Game Construction Kit

We started this construction kit but sadly Commodore died before we finished.

It has Bonk - the map editor:


Gonk - the sprite editor


Zonk - the action editor


And Ponk which is the game run-time engine. Here's a zip of Conk with a few sample games including Blast Crap Out Of Anything That Moves (1996).

To run any of the games, I use WinUAE as my Amiga emulator. …